Every now and then, we have shows that reflect the life of the common people in a hilarious way. Some are light-hearted stories while some are actual stories narrated by people that we can relate to. The latter often falls under the genre of stand-up comedy!

It is a huge trend that both the millennials and Gen Z share in common. “Yours Sincerely” by Kanan Gill is one such stand up show that talks about his aspirations when he was a teen and how far he has achieved those things.

Why must all teens see this show?

Well, for one reason, you will definitely relate to it and the rest, we wouldn’t want to give spoilers!

The much-awaited Stand up hosted by Kanan Gill dropped on Netflix a few days ago.

Kanan Gill is known for his witty punch lines and the show definitely promises those. He subtly reviews aspects of our life, that we might think are “time pass”. That’s a pun from the show. Wanna get it? WATCH IT!

The main theme of the show is about a letter that he wrote to himself when he was 15. The letter as Kannan addresses “is a formal letter to his future self with goals set for himself.” This is where we would tell you that all teens must watch this show!

The letter is including everything a teenager dreams and thinks of. Kanan tells us the nuances of teenage life with the letter and how things seem different when you are of that age.

He also gives us advices for our present and future self. The way he tells us the narrative makes us feel like it our life on the screen. For example, he talks about finding love in teenage and how it requires a great deal of courage to just say “HI” to the one you wanna ask out. And of course, then there are the parent hurdles!

He compares and contrasts the teens of then and today, and what seems like not so much of a difference one can also see how things have changed. For example, we do not need to call our “loved” ones at their landlines anymore. We have WhatsApp!

Now, we can go on and review the show for you but that’s not the point!

We would recommend that you watch and tell us how you liked it, coz us teens would like to things ourselves and not like too many advices!

Yours Sincerely,

Gen Z!

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