Imagine waking up to a reality that threatens your existence? Most of us have been through some life changes that are not in our control but the worst of it is the battle with nature.

You can never fight Mother Nature.

There are times when you cannot believe what is happening around you and what’s more difficult is to make sense of it.

 Do you believe yourself? The internet? The people? The facts? The predictions?

In the internet world today where we are experiencing information overload every second, it is difficult to keep your calm. It is true when people say that this is the anxiety age. We are at an age where smalls things bother us and hence a world pandemic like this is too much to take in. It is easy to say that we need to be calm but how do we do it? Let’s have a peek in the day of a corona pandemic.

On a normal day, we would wake up thinking what to do with our day. But today, we hope to wake up to good news on reduction of this disease. Though its impossible, we still hope that overnight there might have been some change in 8-10 hours that we would have slept.

The next thing we do is google the latest updates instead of opening our Instagram. Even if we do end up opening Instagram we scroll right to the posts which give us information on Coronavirus.

After what seems an eternity on finding what is the current status, we decide to have breakfast and start second guessing our choices. What should we eat that will be eat? For some of us our outside breakfast routines have come to a hold.

Exams are postponed, colleges are shut and schools are locked. So a huge part of your day is blocked and now you gotta figure out what to do with your day? At such times when you have to remain calm, isn’t an empty day a devil’s workshop?

So, we move to neflix, hotstar, and many more platforms that can help us keep our minds off the pandemic. But is it that easy? At the times when you wash your hands ten times a day, can these thoughts be easily washed off?

In the evenings we would usually go out and hang with our friends or maybe go partying. Some of us even would go to our part-time jobs or finish daily chores. We still do the essential things but in the times of social distancing what would one do to experience the outer world.

We speak to our friends over phone, chat with them on various platforms and sometime even have video calls, but what is the main topic of discussion? CORONAVIRUS.

By nightfall, we slide back into our beds hoping tomorrow would brig positive news and try to keep our minds calm by distracting ourselves again.

To all the people out there who experience such anxiety of change, fear of circumstances..



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