The last time we met I upgraded you on why we teens have a different lingo!

I hope now you get it that we are not only trying to be “#cool” but much more than that.

“Vous connaisez ma langue?”

Did you get that? Or you didn’t?

For those who are wondering what that was, it was French. A whole different language!

So apart from not knowing the script, why would someone not understand the language?


First of all, everything is dependent on context!

I mean if I were to tell you “Kill two birds with one stone”, I don’t literally imply to kill birds.

So now who won’t get this meaning?

Someone who doesn’t know the English Phrases and the culture would not get the meaning of the phrase.

It’s the same with teen lingo. If you know the context and the culture they come from, then you will know the words quicker!

For example, the word “Awks” means Awkward. Now if you know the teenagers , you would know their love for shortening things and words! Hence, it would be easy for you to know what Awks means rather than trying to understand it in isolation.

The teen lingo language might also sound very different because it is something different from it’s origin. For example, if you look at a brown idli, you would definitely raise your eyebrows!

The same with our lingo! Even though we have English words, they mean completely different! That’s why our language is so LIT!

 Another factor that makes our lingo stand out is the influence from our media culture! With Netflix, Spotify,Amazon and many more, there are hundreds of new dictionaries available for us!

Now that you know why we are different, let me tell you what are the perks and well not so dope things about it!

First of all the language makes us creative and fast at learning!

Even though we might do it to be cool, we still use our brains to know the meanings of the words, come up with new ones and try and form different patterns! So, it helps our memory and our creativity skills.

The other thing that happens during this process is it helps us form our identity. A sense of what we would confirm to, if we would use certain words or not, be a certain way or not. It makes us form our personality.

I hate to be basic but yes it has its disadvantages. It affects our communication very badly!

For example it takes us a hundred years to write the full spelling of okay!

Believe it or not, our values are inscribed in this lingo. We have taken being cool so seriously that our generation sometimes forgets we have our heart as more than an organ in the body.

Well, if a coin didn’t have two sides it wouldn’t have the value right? So even though we do have the rough sides, we are still proud of our lingo! LOL.

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