Are you a “Fault in our Stars ”person or “Lord of the Rings” person?

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Is that got anything to do with you? Well, kind of yes!

You can judge the person by the cover of the book!

I am personally someone who loves chic fiction. What does that say about me?


One shouldn’t be afraid of who they are. You comics instead of books, go ahead!

People these days say that print media is dying and that books are mere ornaments. It’s not completely true. According to the American Psychological Association, only one-third of the teenage population reads books these days.  So, this article is for that One-third!

Thanks to our digital media, the only book we ever get close to is a user manual!

Teens today are use to the drama, short sequences, and thriller entertainment. Even though this is found in books, it requires the people to be patient. So, are we teens that patient?

It is found that most teenagers love to read autobiographies!


Maybe it is because we are figuring ourselves out and that such books pave our path. Be it the diary of the Wimpy Kid or Anne Frank’s diary, we got it all.

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Another choice of teenagers which is very popular is fiction. How many of us have loved to escape in the world of Harry Potter, Famous Five, Hardy Boys and so on. We all love solving the mystery and would rather turn the page than click on the next episode.

Why do most teenagers like fiction so much?

It is because we love to create our own world. Call it rebel or call it creativity, we like the mystery and the thrill in life.

The other kinds of readers are the con artists. Didn’t get that?

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I mean Comicons! The comic readers! They are also called the con artists of reading because reading a comic is hardly considered. Yet, these are the kind of people who don’t look for deep meanings in prose. For them, a river signifies only a river and nothing more. They don’t want to delve further. They are the light readers and also they ones who are graphically inclined.

We cannot divide teenagers based on their book choices but what we can definitely say is that they do reflect their peer group choices and ultimately their personality. For example, a Harry Potter fan would never agree on the joy of reading Archies.

Books don’t determine who we are but they reflect a page of the book of our lives!

Tell us what’s your favorite teen book?

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